Age is considered to be the first factor of risk, but it is not true.

There is a widespread opinion that after 40-50 years serious problems with erection are inevitable for all men. This is not true, because age does not directly affect on reproductive health of a man. Really, erectile dysfunction is widely spread decease among men after 40 years, but it is connected with a greater prevalence of certain diseases (hypertension, diabetes, obesity).

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Besides, the older a man is, the slower metabolism in the organism flows, cell renewal and development of hormones slows down too, and as a consequence – the potency becomes weaker. But a healthy lifestyle, regular visits to a doctor for the prevention and detection of diseases will help you to keep an erection in any age! The doctor may advise you to take Viagra orother medicines, which influence on male health.

Chronic diseases are the second factor which influence on appearance of ED.

Chronic diseases cause to vascular, neurological and hormonal reasons of erectile dysfunction.  Atherosclerosis (cholesterol inside the vessel and its narrowing) causes to decrease of blood flow to penis and lowers the quality of erection. High blood pressure has the same mechanism of working.

Diabetes generally affects on all organs and systems, and increased risk of erectile dysfunction. Chronic diseases of endocrine glands, nervous system and peripheral nerves also increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. Besides, all of these diseases require continual use of certain medicines, which also lead to problems in sexual sphere. First, you need to treat from these deceases and only than to use Viagra sildenafil for men. It is important to know, that Viagra sildenafil is prohibited to use if a man has the above mentioned deceases.

But you do not need to sacrifice potency for treating the main disease! In most cases, the doctor will choose medicines that allow killing two birds with one stone: to cure disease and not to harm your sexual life.

Trauma and surgical intervention are the third factor of risk which influence on appearance of ED.

Any mechanical violation of integrity of tissues of genital organs and pelvis (accidental or intentional – by surgeon’s scalpel) leads to the formation of adhesions, poor innervations and blood supply.

The result of such cases is erectile dysfunction and serious problems in sexual life. As you understand, Viagra for men does not help in such situations; these problems need much serious treatment. Therefore, prior to the planned surgical intervention you should discuss with your doctor all the possible complications and ways to solve them.  The sooner treatment of ED is started, the more chances you will have to return to normal sexual life. One of the most effective methods for recovering potency is taking Viagra regularly.

Preventing of erectile dysfunction

Diet and healthy food against erectile dysfunction
Of course, first of all you need to pay much attention to your ration. «Man is what he eats» – this wise proverb is devoted to all health problems, and from this point of view, erectile dysfunction is not an exception. Of course, thinness is not a guarantee of avoiding ED. But according to researches of scientists, men, who suffer from overweight, have more chances to get ED and to treat from it by Viagra.

Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Besides, erectile dysfunction is often caused by diseases of the cardiovascular system and hypertension. It is clearly that you need to limit consumption of products, which contain big quantity of cholesterol (fatty meat, eggs, butter). Instead of these harmful for male health products it is better to have a diet of vegetables and not fried fish.
Such a diet may help to avoid ED and a man will not have to buy Viagra and to use this sexual stimulant.

Vitamin complexes, which contain zinc, olive and pumpkin seed oil are also useful and have many benefits for male organism. It is not necessary to fry meat on them, you can add pumpkin seed oil to salads, soups and vegetable ragout. The number one enemy for the erection is consumption of alcohol beverages, smoking, drugs (not tobacco!) and any other drugs are direct supporters of erectile dysfunction. So if a man has not healthy lifestyle, there is a big reason to wonder: is it worth the risk your health? Refusal from harmful habits is a direct way to increase potency. But if you cannot stop smoking and alcohol consumption, the most effective way to recover potency is regular using of Viagra sildenafil.

Sport, exercise and tempering are best friends of man

Mobility, good muscle tone are also reliable guardians of erectile dysfunction prevention. These facts do not mean that every man must torture himself in the gym. It is important to know that high physical activity is stress to the organism and stress is a usual cause of erectile dysfunction. Optimal physical prevention of ED to every man is usual walking during about forty minutes or an hour. Sport activity is a good method to increase potency for many years. But if you have no time to visit gym, just take a pill of Viagra that will stimulate your sexual activity.
Regular visits to urologist take one of the main places in the prevention of erectile dysfunction. Every man needs to control of hormone levels and condition of the prostate. Because the slightest violations in this sphere can be the first symptoms of ED. So the earlier ED will be found out, the more chances there will be to treat this decease. May be a doctor will prescribe a man to take Viagra sildenafil, because this strong medicine has a good effect on male potency. The main thing in this case is to find a real professional who can help and will give competent advice.

Normal sexual life is pledge of health

Rational attitude toward intimacy is also important for those men, who want to avoid erectile dysfunction and not to buy Viagra and use it for improving potency. This fact does not mean that a man can have a lot of sexual partners, you need to avoid such situations, because strain could also provoke erectile dysfunction.

It is obvious that all these rules are quite simple, and every man can fulfill them regularly. These rules can help to avoid ED and not to buy Viagra for its treatment.

Generic Viagra or original Viagra: what is better?

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During the purchase of various medicines it is very often many of us have to deal with such a description of tablets like a «generic». There are many kinds of generics among the most popular medicines, including stimulants of male potency, such as Generic Viagra. Let’s get to know – what is generic and if it has the same characteristics as the original.

Many people think that generics have various harmful properties and sometimes they even  called fake medicines, which can cause damage to health. Therefore, many consumers doubt the effectiveness of such preparations. But what is doctors’ point of view about the efficiency of generics.

What is a «generic»?

Generics are medicines produced by pharmaceutical companies, which have no patent to produce them. The company gets only a short-term right to produce different kinds of medicines. Sometimes generics are to be produced without proper permits. In the description of generics few letters are to be changed, and the preparation, called similar to original, is to be patented as a new medicine and will be successfully sold on the background of already popular brand.

Obligatory condition of generic production is a complete identity of those ingredients, which are the part of the original medicine. However, such «legal fakes» are much cheaper, so they always have high demand. For example, today Generic Viagra is produced by several pharmaceutical companies, and its price is almost twice lower than the original one.

Advantages and disadvantages of Generic Viagra

First of all, Generic Viagra does not guarantee the same effect as the original medicine. The reason of it is due to the fact that the patent for Viagra means testing only the original medicine. It is assumed that the production of generic must be carried out due to the same technology, and manufacturer must be responsible for the quality of the medicine. It is difficult to say whether generics have appropriate tests, because according to the law nobody has the right to require from the pharmaceutical companies to meet these requirements.

Another feature of generics is that the technology of production may vary significantly from the technology to be used for obtaining the original preparation. This is done to reduce the cost of medicine production, to reduce energy costs and other components of production, which influence on the price of the medicine. Therefore, despite the fact that today companies, which produce generic Viagra, say about high testing results it is impossible to confirm or to deny this information.

Of course, today the price for Viagra is quite high, and in order to save money many men decide to replace the original medicine with Generic Viagra, believing that they can avoid the side effects and get an excellent result. But even the manufacturers of generics are unable to guarantee that generic is not dangerous and harmful for health. Producers explain low efficiency of generics by failure to follow instructions or individual characteristics of men who use Generic Viagra.

Of course, a man, who has problems with the potency, decides independently which medicine (generics or original) to use. But it’s much more profitable to invest your money in original Viagra and to be confident in the effectiveness of the original Viagra than to save money by buying Generic Viagra. Buying original medicine you do not risk, take care of your potency, health and sexual life. But if you think than generic will be suitable for you, do not use it without doctor’s recommendation.